Play the video below to view 3Dim Capture App tutorial 


How to achieve good scanning results and view your 3D models:

 - Hold the phone still and move slowly half circles around the object when scanning.

- Avoid scanning reflective surfaces like mirrors or windows as this will fail 3D reconstruction.

- Surfaces without textures, such as white walls, can fail to reconstruct.

- Reconstruction works best outdoors, especially with buildings. Indoors scanning is experimental. 

- Ensure there's good lighting conditions. 

- We recommend not to exceed a 3-5 minutes scan.

- Free scans are limited to 30 seconds. 

- You can see your 3D models on by logging in to your account.  

- For desktop viewer click on 'View Scan on Desktop' button.

- For mobile phone model click on 'VIew Scan on Mobile' button. 

- 3D model can be downloaded in point cloud format (.xyz, .ply ) by clicking on Download Model.

- 3D mesh can be downloaded (.obj format) with 3Dim subscription.